About Our Herb Farm

Mahlon laughing

Chelsea’s Own

Now that marijuana is legal in Oklahoma, we decided it was time to take our herb farm to the next level. We separated our medicinal herbs (minus cannabis) and moved them all to Bushyhead Botanicals and Our Herb Farm became home to our new cannabis strains.

Our motto is “To soothe your soul. Not fry your brain.”

Everyone seems to want their cannabis with the highest THC possible. I remember back in the day, it took a LOT more smoke to get high. Now, one toke and you are instantly transported. This seems like a little kid got let loose in the candy store and is eating himself sick. (frying his brain!) We are far more interested in keeping the old land race strains viable for years to come and making sure we offer the very best quality we can grow for you… “To soothe your soul.”