Old-fashioned herbs for the your world, today.

"First the Word. Then the Plant. Lastly the Knife."
Aesculapius, 1200 BCE

Since 2010, Our Herb Farm has made a firm commitment to stand out in the field of organic herbal health by providing herbs, dried herbs, and herbal extracts that are of consistently high quality. How do we stand apart? Why are our herbs exceptional quality? Because of the way we grow harvest, and process. We really grow our soil and our soil grows the herbs. We are diligent in our harvesting practices, choosing the time that essential oils in the herb are at their peak, when the accumulation of potency is concentrated in the root, etc... We offer you the fruit from the sweat of our brow, literally, the highest quality possible for your health and hard earned dollar.

100% of the herbs in our products are grown on our farm or carefully wild harvested from land around it. Located on the windy plains of Northeastern Oklahoma to the west of the Ozarks, an area naturally rich in prairie and woodland medicinal herbs, all of which are the strengths and backbone of our products. We never use ingredients tested on animals and endeavor to use ingredients acquired as locally as is possible.

We are not a large enough farm to produce the raw materials for some of our base oils and are careful to choose only the best organic cold-pressed oils for infusing our herbs into and creating our salves and other home-made herbal products.

Companion planting is about grouping plants together purposefully. Companion planting by definition is simply any plant that is planted next to another to enhance growth, beauty or flavor. Typically we see companion plants that do any number of supportive things for each other. They just make good companions.

The point of Our Herb Farm is to be a companion to you on your journey.

If you'd like to be notified of the happenings at Our Herb Farm, receive helpful tips on the use of herbs, and receive a list of the herbs and herbal products we have available, please subsribe here.

Three Reasons to Use Herbs

  • Herbs have a long history of safety
  • Herbs are cost-effective
  • Just like foods, herbs are natural, whole substances

"Much virtue in herbs, little in men."
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Poor Richard's Almanac

Custom-made tincture blends are available upon request. In-depth consultations may be had with the herbalist to assist you in determining which herbs best fit your personal needs.

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With our own hands by the sweat of our brow.

Organic & Wildcrafted

From our garden or the surrounding prairie and woods.

Quality Harvested

The way a plant is harvested and processed matters. All our herbs are harvested at their own individual peak so the volatile oils and other constituents of the plant are their most potent.

Herb Preservation

What about when it's winter and the herb you need is not growing outside?